About Us

We provide a quality platform for all real estate salesperson/ property owner/ developer to list their property in this website.

We emphasize on the quality of the listing-that is we will only list out listing with genuine photos, and we will filter out duplicate listing in order for browser to search property handily.

We welcome real estate salesperson in all agencies to list their property under this website, for free, as we would like to provide a quality platform for real estate salesperson to find the buyer/tenant.

Kindly sign up with your email and create a password to list your property listing under this website.

A gentle reminder to all users to login to the website after 20th of each month to refresh your listing, as the property listing will be taken automatically next month if failure to do so.

We valued highly on the quality of real estate photos. Min 2 photos are required to be able to post your listing under this website. Kindly prepare to take min 2 quality photos before posting.

Please read through the terms and conditions at the bottom right side of home page. A major extract of terms and conditions of Renn Property would be:

-System will list out real estate salesperson contact details if it is being listed by the real estate salesperson, and browser will be able to contact the salesperson directly.

-System will list out Renn Property salesperson contact details (and agent fee as stated in the terms and conditions page will be applicable if the deal closed) if it is being listed by owner/developer. Owner or developer are recommended to engage their own professional real estate salesperson if they have one, and their real estate salesperson can list their property under this website.

-System will list out the property listing under below priority ranking:

Priority Number 1: Exclusive real estate salesperson

Priority Number 2: First come first serve basis, if the property listing is a high quality listing. If other real estate salesperson posted a quality listing first, and even if Renn Property salesperson has the property owner/ developer contact later, the other real estate salesperson will be able to retain the listing under his/her name should he/she refresh the property and update the property accurately.

-For rental agreement, the commission that is payable by owner/developer to Renn Property Pte Ltd is minimum 0.5 month, pro rated for 1 year lease and above

-For sales agreement, the commission that is payable by owner/developer to Renn Property Pte Ltd is negotiable.

Owner of this website is KEO for Renn Property Pte Ltd-SK Chuah (R003055H). We strive to declare all potential conflict of interest to our lister (if there is any in the future), as we are also a real estate salesperson who lists their property under this website.

Trust is the cornerstone in real estate industry. We trust that lister will provide genuine and quality listing, and we will handle all listing with just, that protect the interest of lister especially real estate salesperson although it may hurt the interest of Renn Property salesperson due to potential loss of commission.

This is our pledge. And we will deliver it.

Enjoy using the website!